“Josh and I still use ConceivEase™ even after we had our baby. He really likes the way it feels.”


What is ConceivEase?

ConceivEaseTM is a novel fertility friendly lubricant developed by a board-certified reproductive endocrinologist that protects sperm from harmful oxidation, pH changes, and other environmental factors which may decrease fertility.

Why ConceivEase?
Pioneer research performed at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center demonstrated that most commercial lubricants were actually toxic to sperm. For those couples who were trying to conceive, the use of a personal lubricant was decreasing their chances of getting pregnant. After years of research and clinical experience with his own patients, Dr. William Kutteh developed a product that is easy to use, inexpensive, and fertility-friendly.

How is ConceivEase™ different?

• ConceivEase™ is fertility friendly and not toxic to sperm

• ConceivEase™ preserves sperm motility

• ConceivEase™ does not mix with seminal fluid

• ConceivEase™ is easy to use – no complicated inserts or applicators


• ConceivEase™ can be applied to the male and/or female

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